President and founder of Bulgarian Pickleball Federation

Gergin Angelov

As the chairman and founder of the most multifunctional and innovative club in Bulgaria (Badminton Club “Racket Speed”), Gergin Angelov enjoys many successes and great popularity throughout the country! The great success and growth of his club continues in full force to this day.

In 2020, Gergin Angelov participated with his club (Badminton club “Racket Speed”) as a partner in a two-year European project “Erasmus+Pick4all”, which aims to promote the sport of pickleball in Europe! His partners are the Spanish Pickleball Federation and organizations from Italy, Belgium and Bulgaria. After completing the project, Gergin Angelov is highly motivated and inspired to continue with the development of the sport of pickleball and to lay its foundations in Bulgaria. This is how his idea to create the Bulgarian Pickleball Federation was born.

In 2022, Gergin Angelov founded the Bulgarian Pickleball Federation and began to demonstrate and promote the sport of pickleball throughout the country! In just one year, the federation laid the foundations of pickleball in three municipalities, three regions and 15 settlements in Bulgaria! Inquiries and great interest in pickleball from municipalities across the country continue to grow. Gergin Angelov also opened the first pickleball courts in Bulgaria, which are open all day for all residents of the capital!

Gergin Angelov is also a sports entrepreneur, leader, visionary, innovator, developer of sports, public figure and leader with a mission to promote and develop pickleball and badminton in Bulgaria as racket sports with many successes at the world level!